Thursday, January 1, 2009

Creative Commons Attribution

Most people do not realize that you can't copyright a recipe the same way that you can claim copyright on a poem, song lyrics or photograph. I've seen numerous heated battles, by otherwise very nice, people get completely out of control on this issue, an issue which the U.S. Courts still haven't settled on a position. Typically the Courts have held that an individual recipe lacks sufficient creativity to qualify for copyright. This particular interpretation of Copyright Law holds that a recipe is really a process for creating some edible product, and not a creative expression of the sort copyright law is designed to protect. So what does that mean to you, the person who would like to reprint something from this blog? Here's the deal...

This blog represents a physical collection of my personal photographs, stories, craft projects and recipes that I have amassed in my years on the planet, as well as my thoughts/ponderings/musings on whatever happens to be on my mind on any particular day. Unless otherwise specifically noted you can use my recipes and craft instructions in any non-commercial way you would like as long as you credit it back to me/this blog. Photographs and graphics that belong to me may be used in the same way.


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