Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tradition Smells Like Gingerbread

We have a gifting tradition where we pass this horrible, silver, laser cut dragon pendant back and forth. It started the year Sandy bought it for Mike, after I told her not to waste her money. There are rules;

1.) You can't just wrap it & give it, you must turn it into something else.
2.) The dragon must be able to be removed from whatever you turn it into.
3.) The remainder of whatever you turned it into has to remain usable.

We had it the first "gift back" year, I made a waterless snow globe out of a vintage mason jar and suspended the dragon from fishing line from the lid. They had it the following year and wired it into a wreath. Then we had a break and it was our turn again last year, we decided to encase it in a gingerbread house.

Mike had never made a gingerbread house and truth be told I had not done one in years. We decided to use the recipe for gingerbread from scratch and instructions on the King Arthur website.

It was pretty easy. We had fun. And the look on her face when she realized the dragon was inside was priceless!

We use Nabisco 100 Calorie packs of Oreo crisps for the roof. The rest if self explanatory. I would recommend baking the gingerbread 24 in advance of building and letting it sit out with no cover, it makes it easier to trim if needed.

Never Enough Time

My sad, sorry, neglected food blog. Oh how I had such great plans for you. But I am back and in the process or writing a "how to" for a simple gingerbread house. If you all come back in a few hours, I promise you won't be disappointed!