Monday, February 15, 2010

Sabbatical Over

Greetings to anyone left reading my blog. I would apologize for being away so long but in truth I am not at all sorry that life has been so busy that I haven't had the time to blog. The 2009 holiday season was a blast! We had such an excellent time filled with friends, food and lots of laughs. Some time in the next week I will post about the gingerbread house we made as a gift but today I wanted to announce the addition of a new family member and sing the praises of a company that I just could not live without! This is Diamond, although we call her DD for short. While we've know her for a few months, she officially came to join our household a little over a week ago.

We had a little notice that she was coming and we also had known that there had been a little flea problem where she was living. I won't lie, I was a little panicked because originally we had discussed meeting at a grooming shop and that wasn't going to be able to happen. No problem, I am adaptable, so I called my friendly groomer who reminded me that Bobbi Panter makes a great flea and tick shampoo. Only one problem, I called over a dozen shops and no one had a bottle of Charlie Dog for us. What's a girl to do? I called Bobbi after 5:00 my time, on a Thursday night and left a message. Bobbi called me back in about 20 minutes and promised me that she would find a way to get a bottle of Charlie Dog into my hands before DD got here and Bobbi lived up to her word!

I have loved Bobbi Panter products since I was first introduced to them a few years ago. Her Itchy Dog shampoo was the only shampoo we used on our beloved Jack up until he passed away last year. Jack had some pretty serious skin issues from allergies and Itchy Dog would take the red and heat right out of his skin on contact. But it's not just that I think* Bobbi Panter's product are amazing and have seen them work wonders, it's the fact that Bobbi herself stands behind each and ever bottle of product. I know this because about a year before Jack passed we purchased a bottle of Itchy Dog from Pet Co and I wasn't happy with it at all. I literally had a nutty because the product just seemed off to me. In my passion to ensure that Jack only got the best I shot off a rather angry missive to Bobbi Panter and was shocked when she not only personally replied to me but did everything in her power to make it right for us. I became a fan of her personally and her company in addition to already being a fan of the shampoo line!

True to my other experiences with Bobbi Panter product, Charlie Dog did not disappoint. Unlike other chemical filled shampoos this had a great scent and left DD's coat so soft and smooth. We couldn't get over how great the product smelled int he bottle and how good DD smelled and continues to smell. It also appears to have significantly lessened DD's itchy skin as we have noticed a decrease in scratching and licking. Bobbi Panter has another win on her hands with Charlie Dog and we see it being a summertime staple in our house for regular grooming when we spend lots of times outside!

Thank you Bobbi!

*For the record this is an unsolicited and unpaid for review of Bobbi Panter products. I received no incentive for writing this review.