Thursday, January 1, 2009

About Me

In my hear of hearts I am a simple girl. I am my Gram's girl. Everything good about me, everything that makes me a decent human is because of her, the woman who never drove a car. My Grandma had a kind word for everyone she met and everyone loved her but no one more than me. I was the apple of her eye and there wasn't a day that went by, from my first memory of knowing her until the end of her days, that she failed to not just tell me, but show me how very much I was loved. She took me to my very first MLB game. We watched The Muppet Show together. At night she would tuck me into bed with the blanket she crocheted me and sing to me. She instilled in me a love of reading, growing things, cooking and baking.

As a child I would sit at the kitchen table and watch her create the most fabulous food my little nose had ever smelled. Toll House cookies, Beef Rouladen, birthday cakes, cheese fondue, Chicken Kiev, blueberry muffins... There was nothing she couldn't make and everything always tasted amazing. And the best part? She always let me lick the spoon! My favorite birthday treat was her chocolate petit fours, each one in a lovely pastel shade of pink, blue or green. At Christmas there were more cookies than any family of four could ever eat. And her cheesecake? In all my life I have yet to find another that looks or tastes like hers! It was tall and melted on your tongue like cotton candy.

When I close my eyes I can still see her standing in the vegetable garden, seersucker shorts and polyester, v-neck sleeveless shirt, gathering tomatoes for canning and sauce. She swore you got the best fruit by planting New Jersey tomatoes in Connecticut soil. There was lettuce, green beans, bell peppers, zucchini, pumpkins and more I have forgotten I am sure. Late afternoon we would sit on the porch under the wisteria and snap beans for supper. During Summer visits to her sisters we would always go crabbing with her gentleman friend, hit the farmer's market and no trip to Jersey was complete without at least one visit to Eat Gud Bakery for what I still affectionately call Chocolate & Vanilla Bread (which is really Marble Bread) and real cream doughnuts!

Now as an adult (and I use the term loosely) I like to think I am just like her. I cook, I bake, I garden and crochet. I always try to have something nice to say about everyone I meet. I know she would love my soul mate, she would keep his plate full and he would gladly clean it each and every time. No matter whose kitchen it is, if I'm in there cooking it becomes the heart of the home filled with love, laughter and lots of good food. Gram would be proud!

Welcome to No One Goes Hungry At Our House, I hope you stick around! Feel free to email with any questions about crafts or recipes or even just to say hi. There's always room for one more at our table!

Peace, Love and Butter,



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